parents residence New Zealand EOI

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The next selection for the Parent Resident Visa Category expressions of interest (EOIs) will take place on 8 August 2023.


Selection of EOIs submitted before 12 October 2022

There will be 1100 EOIs selected on 8 August from the queued EOIs (those submitted before 12 October 2022). INZ select the oldest EOIs from the queue until we select enough to reach 2000 visa approvals each year. This will continue until there are no EOIs remaining in the queue. The number of EOIs selected each quarter will continue to be adjusted as more data about the rate at which EOIs turn into approved visas becomes available.

Please make sure EOIs meet the requirements of the category and are updated or withdrawn before selection.


Selection of EOIs submitted on or after 12 October 2022

The August 2023 selection will be the first selection that includes EOIs submitted on and after 12 October 2022. These will be selected by a random ballot. There are about 5,000 EOIs in the ballot, and 200 will be selected on 8 August. INZ select enough EOIs from the ballot draw to reach 500 visa approvals each year. EOIs in the ballot expire after 2 years.

If you would like us to help you with Parents Category EOI submission, please call us on 07-571-1171, or email to