If you have an Accredited Employer Work Visa

From today (5 December) Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) holders can apply to change their employer, occupation, location, or a combination of these.

Your employer must be accredited to hire migrants for the AEWV and have a valid job check for your new job. You will need the job check approval number for your application.

If you want to change to a job paid below the median wage, it must be exempt from paying the median wage. Your current visa must also be valid for no longer than the maximum visa length allowed for roles paid below the median wage. You must apply for a new AEWV if your current visa is valid for longer than the time allowed.

If you have an Essential Skills Work Visa

You can apply to change your employer, job, location, or a combination of these.

If you are changing your job or location, your employer must:

  • have advertised the job and
  • been unable to find suitable or available New Zealand workers.

During your application you will need to upload a letter from your employer. In the letter they must declare they could not find suitable or available New Zealanders for the job.

Your employer does not need to advertise your new job, and you do not need to upload a letter, if the role is:

  • on the Essential Skills in Demand List and you meet the requirements of the list
  • on the Green List and you meet the requirements of the list or
  • paid at least twice the median wage.

Article resource: Changing the conditions of a work visa or applying for a Job Change | Immigration New Zealand