What kind of consultation should I book?

You can book a face-to-face consultation when you are in New Zealand, but you will get the same benefit out of a Skype, email or phone consultation. When you book a consultation we will send you our consultation form which you need to fill out at least a day before consultation is scheduled. This ensures that our caseworkers are informed about your situation before your first meeting with us.


Is there a fee for the initial consultation?

The fee for your initial consultation is NZD 170.00 plus GST (or NZD 350.00 for urgent consultation outside of office hours).


What is included in a consultation?

During the consultation you will receive:

  • Information on the criteria for the visa types available to you
  • A personal assessment of your immigration situation and your best options (in writing)
  • Any critical dates which might apply in your case
  • Details on the main stages of the application process
  • An indication of the average processing time for the application

You will also receive a copy of the written agreement you are entering in with us when you instruct us to look after you visa application.


What happens when I book a consultation?

Once you have booked a time and date for your consultation we will confirm your booking via email, with the required address/Skype/phone details for you to take note of.

We will also send a consultation form for you to complete and return to us at least a day before your appointment so that our advisor can have a thorough understanding of your case before your appointment.


I don’t really want a consultation, I just have a question.

To clarify your questions, you can visit our website or the official website of Immigration New Zealand where you can find out about options to obtain visas for New Zealand.

Otherwise, the most beneficial for you will be to book a consultation with one of our lawyers and Licensed Immigration advisers.


How much is the visa application?

Prices will vary as every visa subclass and situation is different. During your consultation, your advisor will be able to provide a quote of the professional fees and the visa application fees payable to INZ.



How many emails can I send in the email consultation?

You will receive three email responses in the initial consultation; this will provide a full assessment of your visa options.


What if I’m not eligible? Do I still pay for the consultation?

You will understand that our advisers will need to spend time and effort to familiarize themselves with your case. For this professional service we will have to charge a fee independently of the outcome of the consultation. We will inform you, if we think your application may be futile.


How many consultations do I need before applying for my visa?

After the initial consultation, if you have signed the written agreement to instruct us to apply for your visa, we will provide you with a copy of the necessary documents to be submitted with your most viable application choice. It will be up to you to provide us with all the documents needed in the course of a follow-up consultation. Once we have received the required documents within the appropriate time frame we can proceed with submitting the application.



Why should I go with Access NZ and not another migration adviser?

Because Access NZ offers a truly unique and comprehensive service.

Our team of consultants is comprised of practising lawyers, licensed immigration advisers, recruitment experts, property consultants and other professionals.

We are, therefore, able to offer our clients a complete package to enable them to make the transition to New Zealand as seamless as possible.



Can Access NZ find me an employer?

We have a database of Employers hoping to recruit skilled workforce which is in demand in New Zealand. If you would like us to connect you with a potential employer, please Contact Us.



Can Access NZ help me choosing an educational pathway?

We will provide you with general information about what types of courses may be beneficial to you in terms of immigration outcomes. We can also refer you to our education consultancy partner Seven Seas Cultural Exchange if you need assistance with obtaining a place in an approved course.

You may wish to refer to the website of the New Zealand Qualifications Authority to find out about the quality of your chosen educational provider.



Can Access NZ find me a house to live in?

We have real estate experts working with us who have been in the business for a long time. If you come to immigrate to New Zealand we have a house to rent available for you which is located conveniently close to the beach and all other amenities. Our real estate partners will offer you the best deals on offer on the housing market.


My brother/friend/parent/etc wants to come to New Zealand – can I do the consultation for them?

Generally we are able to provide consultations for friends and family members for you, but they will have to sign the application. It would also be important to have them fill out all details themselves.


Are there any changes to visas coming up?

There are always changes occurring to immigration throughout the year. We will take it upon ourselves to provide you with regular updates and information relevant to your case.

For more information please like us on Facebook to be kept up-to-date with the changes.


How should I pay you?

We have several Payments options available for you including; EFTPOS services, Bank transfer and cash payments.