Midwife greenlist immigration residence


Immigration Minister Hon Michael Wood yesterday announced measures to attract more high-skilled workers to New Zealand including adding additional roles to the Green List

From 15 December 2022

  • all medical doctor roles not already included on the StR Green List will be added
  • all registered nurse and midwife roles will move from the WtR to the StR Green List.

From March 2023

  • auditors will be added to the StR Green list
  • all primary and secondary school teacher roles not already included on the WtR Green List will be added
  • Halal Slaughterer, Skilled Motor Mechanic, Skilled Telecommunications Technician, Gasfitter, Drainlayer, Building Associate (specifically Civil Construction Supervisor), Skilled Crane Operator, Earthmoving Plant Operator (General), Backhoe Operator, Bulldozer Operator, Excavator Operator, Grader Operator and Loader Operator will be added to the WtR Green List
  • bus and truck drivers will have a residence pathway through a sector agreement.

Eligible migrants employed overseas or in New Zealand in Straight to Residence (StR) Green List roles may apply for residence.

Eligible migrants employed in Work to Residence (WtR) Green List roles may apply for residence after two years.

Additions to the Green List and a review in 2023 will help address workforce needs.